God has made us all different, and so we will all pray differently. We will also pray differently in different situations.For those who want to develop their prayer life then prayer can be like any human skill. It is something that we need to learn how to do. We can use books,or ask a friend, or seek the guidance of a priest. But, in many ways, prayer is something that we do have to find out about for ourselves.

Opportunities for prayer at St Mark’s

The Church is open daily for prayer. You will find printed material in the church that might help you to pray or develop your prayer life. Many have found the leaflet “How do I pray” to be helpful. You can leave prayer requests in the book near the front door.

Apart from the regular schedule of services a small group of people, including the Rector and staff team, meet in the church for prayer on Thursdays at 8.00am. You are welcome to join us.

Prayer Circles If you would like to be part of one of our Prayer Circles (like a Prayer Chain) here is some information: Prayer Circles Flyer

Here are some web based resources on prayer that you might find helpful:

This site provides quick and simple access to a short service of daily prayer and the bible readings set for each day. You can download contentonto your computer, ipad, ipod or iphone or create your own prayer book using Kindle or other similar ebook systems.

This is an online daily prayer resource. It invites you to make a sacred space in your day and spend ten minutes praying as you sit at your computer with the help of an onscreen liturgy and scripture chosen for each day. It is easy to use and you can take as long as you like over the prayers. The “Chapels” page allows you to post requests for prayer on the site.

Interested in finding out more about the Anglican faith? Check this out:  Christians and Anglicans Brochure

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